Register to Play Using VENMO: @ArizonaOutlaws-AustralianRules

The 2020 AZ Footy Season begins FRIDAY MARCH 6TH. Don’t miss out, Register Now!

Option 1 – Metro Only:

Mens & Women’s Fees: $100 for Local “Metro” Games Only (10 games plus playoffs)

Option 2 – All Included:

Mens & Women’s Fees: $300 Includes: Local “Metro” Games (10 games plus playoffs), 18 vs 18 Outlaws Local & Travel Games (10+ games including Regionals, & Nationals), 2020 USAFL Registration

New Players: Two weeks Free, then you must pick an option

Where do my Registration Fee’s go: Weekly field rental, league insurance, field equipment, merchandise, and social events. Come Join the Fun Today! For questions or financial assistance email

*Drop-in players from other USAFL clubs must pay $15 each outing and do not qualify for New Player Freebee. Residents of Arizona who are registered with other USAFL clubs do not qualify for New Player or Drop-In, and must pay full fees before playing.